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Spreading the word about my Kickstarter


On Monday the 16th of October I launched my own set of Limited Edition Scarves through campaign on Kickstarter . This project that has been in the making for about a year now. It The aim was to place myself out of my comfort zone, create designs and launch them. 

Birth of a Story...

The project is called 'Full Circle' and the idea is to support the community or place that inspired my designs, to connect the product with the heart of the inspiration. For this project my inspiration is Chettinad and I’m supporting women artisans from Chettinad by packaging my designer scarves in boxes handwoven by them. 

Having visiting Chettinad and experienced first-hand their fiery traditional cuisine, seen their unique basket weaving, hand-made mosaic arts and crafts, I was deeply inspired to dedicate my next project to them. This idea morphed into a collection of limited edition scarves packaged beautifully in traditional woven boxes.

Palmyra Baskets
Athangudi Tiles

Idea sketching

I started to browse all the photos and videos I took of Chettinad and realised that their Mosaics, Basket Weaving and Spices stood out to me! The next step was to sketch my ideas...!

Garlic and saffron flower
Mosaics from Athangudi

The designs manifested themselves into patterns for my scarves and I truly believe that they reverberate the spirit of Chettinad!

Mosaic Eggplant Purple

Mosaic Eggplant Purple

Take a look at my campaign and leave a comment and spread the word! The project runs for a month so it's till the 15th of November.

Feel free to email me for any projects!

Krishnaa Shyam Sundar