Krishnaa Shyam


Gearing up for TopDrawer SpottedAW18



So after careful deliberation I applied to show at Spotted in TopDrawer's AW18 show. Lo and behold I was selected and here I am 2 weeks before the show prepping for the show. I'm super excited and terribly nervous to say the least. Here is the timeline and prep I have done so far!

6 months to go:

After just having successfully funded myself through kickstarter, I decided to put some of the money I made through it to a trade show. I had been toying with the idea for some time and this definitely felt like the step I should be taking. I researched various shows and vetted it before I decided to go for TopDrawer Spotted. Here are my top three reasons.

1. A contemporary design led gift show that had its own accessories and gifting section as opposed to just textiles.

2. The booth for upcoming talent  ie: Spotted was cheaper than other shows like Pulse.

3. Spotted required youth have never shown in a show before,  and just being selected was a big deal. So this was a win win for me!

So I signed up and thankfully you can pay in instalments! Also my contact was extremely helpful, no doubt was too silly. The process was pretty smooth after being accepted.  I began deciding what collections I would show. Worked on some new designs, and my brand story.

4 months to go:

I knew the size of my booth b now, and began deciding what I would need to print and began researching where I would print. My scarves had to be printed on 100%Silk and a Cashmere modal mix. I had this specially woven to be printed. Also kept sketching designs of my booth. This kept my mind fresh and very time i would get a new idea I would re sketch the booth. I gave in my orders for printing and began constructing my PR and brand identity. This was pretty smooth sailing as I would be showing my newest collection that I funded through kickstarter. I also had the most amazing and dear friend do the best professional photoshoot of my scarves. I then sent off my PR application.

2 months to go:

My scarves arrived and I proof checked them and began thinking of the accessories I would need: ie: look-book, cards, booklets, and any other little bits that would need creating. My husband was a great help and I could have never done any of this without him. 

1 month to go:

Finalised my booth design and began working on all the elements needed for it. Since the summer had landed I was going on a holiday as well! so on my holiday I designed my look book and had it printed! Take a look!


2 weeks to go!

Marketing and emailing buyers now. Getting in touch with boutiques to come and see my stall!Mad instagramming and tweeting. (who knows? it might hit the eye of the right person!) don't know if you don't try is my attitude!

I now have all my toes and fingers crossed that this goes well for me! Come see me if you are at the show! its on the 9th to the 11th of Sept, Booth Sp049. Don't be shy, if you just want to have a chat or look at my scarves Im happy to oblige!

See you at the show!

Krishnaa Shyam Sundar