Krishnaa Shyam


Upcoming Design & Inspiration post Top Drawer 2018

A late start to the new year but I really wanted to update all of you on my progress after Top Drawer 2018.

The progress after the trade show has mostly been sending samples, getting back in touch regularly with the lovely buyers I met in September. The state of retail right now is not so great so with everyone tightening their belts and look furtively around the corner for Brexit. I think s I’ve begun the a new year considering possibilities. New ones that I may not have previously.

When the road you think that is well paved and ready to receive you crumbles you need to find alternate in roads. That is what I’m doing now. I came back from Top Drawer with a completely new attitude towards my work and with a deep certainty that this is still what I wanted to do. It was amazing to see my work through fresh eyes! It’s also the best way to get real feedback, showing at a trade event.

With that in mind I’ve begun 2019 with new inspiration: 17th to 19th century wall paper and textile inspired Indienne work. “Indenne” essentially means ‘that which comes from Eastern India.’ A type of printed or painted textiles manufactured in Europe between the 17th and 19th centuries resembling similar textiles made in India The deeply Indian designs that were taken by the British and re interpreted for materials like Chintz and Calico is where I’m heading!

I’ve worked on 2 collections already and I’m simply bursting with ideas! Do let me know what you think!!

I’m also working on finding new ways to retail my scarves, market and gather a following for them! I am and will continue to create new work for my scarves! Keep an eye and out and get in touch if you want to buy them!!!

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