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The happiness and fear of signing up for a Kickstarter

KickstarterKrishnaa Shyam Sundar

So you've signed up for a kickstarter, you don't know if it's going to be successful. That is the emotion you need to first make peace with. But you can everything that you possibly can to make the ride enjoyable and stress free and put all you've got into it.

Not like me though! I signed up and a month later I launched. Most people plan a bit better than that. I will say however that I have the best partner for work. My husband basically put all of his work aside to help me on this journey. So you if you have a positive person helping you and little, it goes a long way.

First is was about planning for the brand, and then how to weave it into a story that touches the hearts of people. I find that I'm rarely interested in the product that has no depth to it. Yes you might buy an odd thing, but the real value comes from how much you have bought into the story. Every time you wear the accessory you cherish it because you remember a story. To me that adds value. How you feel every time counts. I wanted this to be a big part of my story.

The birth of Full Circle


My connection to India and the folk art I grew up with has always been my everlasting source of inspiration. So i went back to basics and decided I wanted to work with a craft and art form from home that has always inspired. Meeting were then set up to meet the people from the M.Rm.Rm Cultural Foundation for I had baskets woven by them for my wedding and still use them! They sold their woven magic in their beautiful shop Manjal.


Manjal Panorama1.jpg
 Photo Courtesy M.Rm.Rm Cultural Foundation

Photo Courtesy M.Rm.Rm Cultural Foundation

I then began to find a way to work with them and how their basket could part of my project. They are not a charity so they didn't want money just sent to them. I decided that my scarf, whose pattern was inspired by the arts, crafts, sight and sounds of Chettinad would be packaged in the boxes made by the craftswomen of Chettinad themselves. Full Circle seemed to be an apt name for this.

Work before a Kickstarter

For those of you who don't know how it works, the idea is to launch you idea convincingly though the story in you video. You can offer a reward to them in return for this support. My idea was pretty straightforward. You support my idea, you get a scarf of you choice! That was it. 

I worked on the numbers for almost a fortnight, yes it isn't my strongest ally! Then when the numbers worked, it was all about bringing the images and video together. I was lucky to have a generous friend who gave me her time an advice and made my video. (This is crucial!) A good video can make or break your story. 

Day of Launch

The D Day had come. Pressing that button to say you now have 30 days to make this happen will make you nervy but its exciting. Till this moment it is not real. The first week is a mixture of hope, despair, excitement and utter glee when someone supports you from a corner of the world! 

A month of this kind of emotion is hard to explain but when your goal is close you can almost taste it its a wonderful feeling.

After the 30days...

When you know that your Kickstarter  is a success it was equal measures of joy and relief for me. It gave a new confidence in my own work and a reason to continue. That my work is worth the time and energy I put in it my love for pattern brought joy to more people! 

Sharing my work has been the hardest for me, as everyone is afraid of a critic. Kickstarter was the most public way I could do it! Putting yourself out there and being judged is part of the process and all I would say is do it when you are ready  for the feedback and to do the work!

A successful Kickstarter!

Krishnaa Shyam Sundar

So my Kickstarter project Full Circle successfully raised £6418 and I was able to launch my limited edition of scarves inspired by Chettinad (see previous blog for info).The scarves if you are familiar with my blog were all inspired by everything Chettinad, a beautiful place in the South of India I recently visited.

My first set of samples are here and they look exactly as I want them! The colour, quality of silk and print has come out as I had imagined.

All scarves
Mosaic Rose Pink
Spice Garden Green

The Next step was to handweave the colour co-ordinated  palmyra baskets that the scarves are going to be posted in. When they arrived at my doorstep a few weeks ago I could hardly believe my eyes for they were the best accompaniment for my scarves. They finished the story and brought them Full Circle and there was not a doubt in my mind that I had done the right thing.


Mosaic Kaavi Brown
Spice Garden Green
Bougainvillea wistful pink

The things that i ended up learning on this Kickstarter journey will be in my next blog post! Keep your eyes peeled for it! If you still want to get hold of these scarves, please do drop me an email! Happy Monday!

Spreading the word about my Kickstarter

Krishnaa Shyam Sundar


On Monday the 16th of October I launched my own set of Limited Edition Scarves through campaign on Kickstarter . This project that has been in the making for about a year now. It The aim was to place myself out of my comfort zone, create designs and launch them. 

Birth of a Story...

The project is called 'Full Circle' and the idea is to support the community or place that inspired my designs, to connect the product with the heart of the inspiration. For this project my inspiration is Chettinad and I’m supporting women artisans from Chettinad by packaging my designer scarves in boxes handwoven by them. 

Having visiting Chettinad and experienced first-hand their fiery traditional cuisine, seen their unique basket weaving, hand-made mosaic arts and crafts, I was deeply inspired to dedicate my next project to them. This idea morphed into a collection of limited edition scarves packaged beautifully in traditional woven boxes.

Palmyra Baskets
Athangudi Tiles

Idea sketching

I started to browse all the photos and videos I took of Chettinad and realised that their Mosaics, Basket Weaving and Spices stood out to me! The next step was to sketch my ideas...!

Garlic and saffron flower
Mosaics from Athangudi

The designs manifested themselves into patterns for my scarves and I truly believe that they reverberate the spirit of Chettinad!

 Mosaic Eggplant Purple

Mosaic Eggplant Purple

Take a look at my campaign and leave a comment and spread the word! The project runs for a month so it's till the 15th of November.

Feel free to email me for any projects!

Inspiration...where do you find yours?

Krishnaa Shyam Sundar

It just so happened that over the last few weeks i have been contemplating inspiration and where I get mine from. 

I began a new project a few weeks ago for a client who indicated that he wanted optic illusion like MC Escher but an organic flowing quality like Matisse! It was a bit of a challenge for me. I was happy though as I find both these artists extremely inspiring. One of the ideas I cam up with was this...

 It later took on a form that became this..

It later took on a form that became this..

 Though this wasn't the design that made the cut, it took me back to why I find Matisse and forms so alluring. Even in just black and white the recurring shapes just speak to me. Of freedom, spirit, and joy. It also made me think that there is a optic illusion to it and that led me to Escher's 1938 Woodcut Sky and Water.      

Though this wasn't the design that made the cut, it took me back to why I find Matisse and forms so alluring. Even in just black and white the recurring shapes just speak to me. Of freedom, spirit, and joy. It also made me think that there is a optic illusion to it and that led me to Escher's 1938 Woodcut Sky and Water.



  COPYRIGHT MC Escher 1938 Woodcut Sky and Water   Where do you get your inspiration for specific projects? Do you always return to some favourite designer/artist/era? do let me know in the comments ! I'd love to hear about it.   

COPYRIGHT MC Escher 1938 Woodcut Sky and Water

Where do you get your inspiration for specific projects? Do you always return to some favourite designer/artist/era? do let me know in the comments ! I'd love to hear about it.


Old work remade

Krishnaa Shyam Sundar

I love reworking some of my old motifs to breathe new life to them. I create a completely new set of designs with a new colour palette. These designs I've created are from a series of motifs I designed as part of my masters programme back in 2008.

This was when I realised that Surface pattern is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I created products with the motifs by embroidering felt. I'm proud of this work for this was the start of my journey.

let me know if you think a product line can be created with these designs ...will you buy them? I hope so! I can't wait to hear from all of you!

IMG_1070 2.JPG

Love packaging

Krishnaa Shyam Sundar

Not only are my scarves important but I'm constantly trying to improve my packaging of them. I think great packaging can make or break a product. I derive so much pleasure in the packaging my scarf for my customer and imagining them opening it layer by layer. For me, the act of opening a well packed gift increases the joy, excitement and makes it so much more special!

I just sent off a gift to a friend and here are some pictures of this process! Tells me about the packaging you love and admire! cant wait to hear your stories!

Love bags?

Krishnaa Shyam Sundar


Do you love bags? I do! I have since I was 3 years old! I've always carried one and kept a load of pretty things in it. I think it made me feel happy and content. I used to rig up my mother's old bags and make them all fancy and I sometimes even had things in them that people needed! My mother never tires of telling the story about how I had notepads and pens in my bag that I distributed for everyone when a famous athlete came to our family wedding. I was 5 then. The habit of carrying a bag never wore off.


This has now turned into a (healthy...) obsession where I am keen to design my own. The perfect tote that I can carry proudly everywhere. If you are like me and carry the whole world in your bag I’d love to hear you “bag stories”!


I'll leave you with a few snapshots of a pattern I created out of this obsession as an homage to my favourite designer Mulberry. As I live in Somerset myself I love the pride they take in producing all their bags here in England. In fact, just about an hour away from where I’m typing this post!


A fresh start...

Krishnaa Shyam Sundar

Exciting news from the desk of Krishnaa Shyam Designs as I embark on the sale of my handmade cashmere, silk and modal scarves printed with my very own designs. It has always been my dream to create products with my designs. Lots of sweat and tears have gone into it and its been a steep learning curve. Visit my shop for more details.


 Pink mushrooms crepe silk scarf.

Pink mushrooms crepe silk scarf.

 Optic fish crepe silk scarf.

Optic fish crepe silk scarf.